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Custom Marble Countertops

Custom Marble Countertops

CAPA Granite's carefully and professionally crafted marble countertops, backsplashes, fireplaces, and tub surrounds provide a smooth, sleek, and timeless atmosphere to every room in the house.

CAPA's marble countertops maintain the rock's naturally low index of refraction, which allows light to penetrate several millimeters into the countertop or backsplash before being dispersed throughout the entire surface area, resulting in an eye-catching waxy look which gives life to the surrounding area.

Although marble has a timeless and classic look, it is more porous than granite and will require regular sealing to maintain it's original look and beauty.

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Marble is an expressive material and by its various types can make your ambience look sophisticated or simple, warm or cool, elegant or rustic, sumptuous or minimalist. The eternal life of marble is connected to fashion and enhances the beauty of our environment in the most natural way.

Not only does CAPA Granite offer custom frabrication and design that will meet your every creative and budgetary need, but Hamilton's leading granite and marble provider also takes pride in its professional and efficient installation service, which is available at a time of your choosing, six days a week.